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SeaBrook Dental Lab Offers You Two Types Of Zirconia

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

HT Zirconia (1200 MPA) and XT Zirconia (750 MPA)

HT Zirconia is durable and an excellent choice for posterior teeth. When layered it can be both an aesthetic and restorative solution for the anterior teeth. HT Zirconia can cover a stump shade that is a shade to a shade-and-a-half from the tooth shade. HT Zirconia is more opaque than XT but less opaque than PFMs. HT Zirconia is recommended for bridges.

XT Zirconia is less durable than HT but more durable than lithium disilicate. XT is recommended for anterior teeth or premolars that have a stump shade that is close to the overall tooth shade. It is more translucent than HT Zirconia but less translucent lithium disilicate. It is not recommended for bridges.

At times, it may become necessary to re-polish lab fabricated crown restorations intra orally after seating or making minor occlusal or interproximal adjustments. We recommend the David Hornbrook Zirconia Adjusting, Recontouring & Polishing Kit

  • Make the necessary occlusal and interproximal adjustments

  • Re-polish the lab fabricated restoration back to a glaze-like finish

  • No need to send the restoration back to the lab

  • Results in Four Steps See Tutorial

  • DiaShine Intra Oral Diamond Polish included in kit

For SeaBrook's most aesthetic crowns, read our blog post Lithium Disilicate

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