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SeaBrook dentures are waxed and set with your choice of teeth* and then returned to the doctor for review and any adjustments. Once the doctor has approved the setup, they are packed, pressed, and heat cured to ensure maximum strength and superior fit.

Partial Dentures

SeaBrook partials have a metal framework that is hand waxed and cast to ensure a premium fit. Teeth* and wax are then placed on the metal frame packed, pressed, and heat cured for ultimate strength and durability.



SeaBrook flippers are a great way to allow your patients to heal following tooth removal.  They can be prefabricated ahead of the extraction date for immediate insertion. Can be made with or without clasps. Ask about our PMMA Digital Tooth Copy that can match the previous tooth exactly.

PMMA Digital Tooth Copy

SeaBrook essix retainers are a great choice for post implant surgery to maintain the space for the future implant crown. They are made from thermoforming disc that are heated and vacuum suctioned to the models. It is then trimmed and the edges are smoothed for a comfortable fit that snaps into place. There is no limit to the number of teeth* that can be added to an essix retainer.

Tooth Colored Clasps

Ask us about doing tooth colored clasps on flippers and partials!

*Tooth options include: Economy, PMMA Digital Tooth Copy, and Premium

Dentures: 5 day set-up, 5 day finish
RPD Frames: 10 days 

Laser Welding: 5 days
Relines & Repairs: 24 hr. turn-around available in some areas.
Please call our office today for more information on availability. 
NEED A PICK-UP? : CALL 425-776-7718

SeaBrook can match your patients previous tooth exactly by doing a PMMA Digital Tooth Copy. We utilize our CADCAM program in house to copy and mill an exact replica of patients tooth. This is a great option for flippers and essix retainers since it will be matching what the patient had prior to extraction. We can also match adjacent teeth exactly so the symmetry and look of the dentition is perfect.

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