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Why Choose Lithium Disilicate For Your Restorative Case?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Lithium disilicate is an all ceramic material used to make natural looking teeth. It is the most aesthetic of all ceramic crowns and the material of choice for dentists and labs when it comes to a high aesthetic appearance, translucency, and comfortable fit for the patient.

Lithium disilicate is translucent in color and light in weight. Crowns and veneers can be made exceptionally thin which means less tooth is needed to be removed in order for the prostheses to fit. It is recommended for minimally invasive treatments and procedures and is an excellent choice for patients who are concerned about the materials that go into their mouths. Dental prostheses made from lithium disilicate are metal free and have little risk of causing allergic reactions.

At SeaBrook Dental Lab we offer lithium disilicate crowns at competitive pricing. Each crown is crafted by highly trained and qualified technicians using state-of-the-art technology. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to planning out your aesthetic restorative cases and material selection. For cases requiring more durable all ceramics, please read our blog post Two Types Of Zirconia

Lithium Disilicate Facts!

Create stunning, natural looking teeth for your patients who also require comfort, minimally invasive treatments and procedures, and no allergic reactions to materials. When choosing lithium disilicate consider the following:

  • High translucency

  • Natural aesthetic

  • Comfortable fit

  • No allergic reaction

At times, it may become necessary to re-polish lab fabricated crown restorations intra orally after seating or making minor occlusal or interproximal adjustments. We recommend the David Hornbrook Lithium Disilicate Adjusting, Recontouring & Polishing Kit

  • Make the necessary occlusal and interproximal adjustments

  • Re-polish the lab fabricated restoration back to a glaze-like finish

  • No need to send the restoration back to the lab

  • Results in Four Steps See Tutorial

  • DiaShine Intra Oral Diamond Polish included in kit

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