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Hollywood Smile Facts To Consider

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Perfect teeth are made possible through various dental treatments including: traditional orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. Complex case dental treatments include dentures, overdentures, and implants, including All-on-4 and full arch reconstruction, and periodontal surgeries for the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

For people who have experienced trauma to the teeth and gums, or who are edentulous (without teeth), a Hollywood smile would entail one or more dental surgeries, dental implants, and screw-retained prostheses in order to recreate the function and appearance of a real set of teeth. Depending on each patient's unique needs, a dentist may prescribe All-on-4 or full arch reconstruction.

All-on-4 dental treatment requires four strategically placed implants to be screwed into the upper and/or lower jaw where a permanent denture (full set of teeth) is then attached. The permanent denture cannot be removed without a dental professional. It looks, feels, and functions like a full set of teeth.

Full arch reconstruction is similar to All-on-4, but it may involve more implants being placed into the jaw. The full arch reconstruction procedure is also a solution for patients who have suffered severe tooth loss. All-on-4 and full arch reconstruction are complex case treatment plans intended to restore the aesthetics, chewing ability, and speech in patients who have lost most or all of their teeth.

Whether a dentist prescribes All-on-4 or full mouth reconstruction, patients walk out of surgery with their new set of teeth. In some cases, this may be a temporary set of teeth while the gums and bone heal or it can be the permanent set of teeth. Patients who choose either of the complex case procedures must properly care for their new teeth. Annual dental checkups to the dentist and hygienist are requisite to ensure that gum tissue remains healthy and that the permanent dentures (fixed prostheses) can be removed and thoroughly cleaned before reattaching.

For patients who do not require surgery but want a quick fix to their gummy or crooked smiles, A Hollywood smile with veneers is an excellent choice. Veneers cover a multitude of tooth flaws such as small or stubby teeth, wide spaces and gaps, and black triangles between the teeth and at the gum line. For veneers to be a success, the teeth and bite of the patient must fall within certain parameters. If the dentist deems the teeth and bite to meet the minimum requirements for veneers, an exact impression of the teeth will be made with retraction cord in order to capture the full extent of each tooth prepped for veneers and sent to a dental lab that day. Depending on the turn-around time of the lab which is usually around two weeks, a patient can have their veneers seated (cemented) within weeks of their impression appointment.

If the bite is off or if the teeth do not line up to meet the minimum requirements for veneers, patients will most likely be referred for limited orthodontic treatment, in some cases just six to eighteen months, before the veneer procedure can be performed.

Lastly, a Hollywood smile can include a simple visit to the dentist for a professional teeth whitening. After all, the red carpet smile is all about having a whiter, brighter smile. If your teeth are already straight but have stains or appear yellow, whitening may be all that is needed. However, when it comes to whitening the teeth, there are several ways to go about it. Options include over-the-counter toothpastes and whitening strips, home remedies, take home kits, and professional whitening treatments at the dentist. For more information and recommendations, please read 8 Tips For A Whiter, Brighter Smile by Katie Robertson

Whatever choice you make, the effects of a Hollywood smile are both life changing and transformational. The results will have you feeling more confident than ever. Patients tell us it is as if their true self has finally come out from the shadows.

Today, there is much attention given to the importance of having beautiful white teeth and a gorgeous smile. As a full service dental lab, we have had the honor of restoring smiles for over forty years and have witnessed first hand the emotions of patients (and their dentists) who see their new teeth and smile for the very first time after their procedures.

The truth is, everyone is deserving of a beautiful smile. Most people want whiter, straighter teeth and admire this in others. It could have something to do with gene selection as recent research has shown that straight teeth play an important role when looking for an ideal mate.

As with anything wanted, we must be willing to put time and effort into research. It is up to the patient to find the best dental providers and treatments for his or her particular needs and wants. For some, it may be to go the longer route and invest in a traditional orthodontic treatment, which may include teeth whitening and veneers at the end. For others, dental implant surgery may be what is necessary. Whatever the decision, it is always best to seek out two or more opinions. When making a decision that involves Hollywood smile treatments and procedures, you will also want to see before and after pictures of patients who have gone before you. The dental lab your dentist uses will create the teeth that go into your mouth. You can ask to see examples of their work and you may be asked to go to the lab and have the color of your new teeth matched to an exact dental tooth shade. You may also be advised on shades of teeth that best compliment your skin tone.

To recap what to do once you've decided to learn more about the Hollywood smile right for you is to consult with a dentist and get a second opinion. Most dentists charge a fee to consult with them about a Hollywood smile. With over forty years in the industry, we can say unequivocally, every penny spent on having more than one opinion is well worth the investment. Consider the small fees you will pay for consultations as part of your total investment in your new smile.

For more information about implant dentistry, custom abutments, custom prosthetic bars and types of materials used for dental prostheses and veneers, and our perfect shade guides, call SeaBrook Dental Lab or visit us on the web at

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