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SeaBrook 3D Designs and Fabricates High Esthetic Crown & Bridge Ceramic Prostheses


All you need for natural-looking restorations in just 5 - 10 Lab Days!


Lithium Disilicate



At SeaBrook Dental Lab we understand when translucency is desired for a natural-looking final result. Lithium disilicate glass ceramic is a versatile restorative option known for it high aesthetic properties including translucency, durability and strength.


Lithium disilicate is ideal for full anatomical restorations and is bio-compatible. Pressed lithium disilicate simulates the look and feel of natural teeth and is undetectable as a porcelain crown.


Lithium Disilicate Pressable Ceramics delivers the fit of a pressed restoration with the aesthetics of a layered restoration. Ideal for anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays. Clinically proven for more than 20 years. 

Lithium Disilicate offers:


  • Highest esthetic crown available

  • Accurately reproduced light transmission and translucency found in natural teeth

  • Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution allowing for higher flexural strength and improved optical properties

  • Flexural strength of 400-500 Mpa

  • Biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic

  • Crowns can be made stronger by bonding instead of cementing

  • Compared to PFMs they can be thinner 

  • Metal free

  • 1-1.5mm reduction axially and 1.5-2mm occlusally


(Not recommended for bridges)







XT Zirconia 

  • 750 mpa less durable than HT but more durable than lithium disilicate 

  • Recommended for anterior teeth and premolars that have a stump shade that is close to the overall tooth shade

  • More traslucent than HT zirconia but less than lithium dicilicate

  • Not recommended for bridges

  • Metal Free

  • 1-1.5mm reduction axially and 1.5-2mm occlusally 

HT Zirconia 

  • 1200 mpa durable

  • Good for posterior teeth

  • When layered they make a good choice for anteriors esthetically

  • Can cover a stump shade that is a shade to a shade and a half from the overall tooth shade

  • More opaque than XT but less opaque than pfms

  • Recommended for bridges

  • Metal free

  • 1-1.5mm reduction axially and 1.5-2mm occlusally






SCHEDULE: 5 - 10 days in lab

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