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SeaBrook Dental Laboratory is an independent, full service, solution-driven lab, with a wide variety of high quality options to meet all your restorative needs.


By providing you with dependable, outstanding quality and service, we enable you to do your job as efficiently as possible. With shorter seating times, virtually no remakes, and beautiful restorations that your patients will rave about, you can focus on your patients, practice and staff!


A testament to our commitment to excellence is our continued investment in training. At the center of our training program is the PTC (Productivity Training Corporation) skill learning system. Whether providing continuing training to an experienced technician or starting an individual from scratch, PTC provides us with a disciplined, objective and systematic method. The result — a staff that can communicate with each other and produce, with uncanny attention to detail, consistent accurate cases.

At SeaBrook Dental Laboratory, our pride and passion inspire us to work together to provide product excellence and total dedication to service and fair value.

We define our success by the relationships we cultivate with our clients, helping to foster the best possible care for their patients.

We support one another to be the best we can be, and take seriously our ongoing commitment to the creative process, continued learning, and technological advancements to best serve our community.


WHAT PEOPLE SAY about SeaBrook

"An excellent dental lab must deliver predictable high quality restorations, stay current on the latest technologies, be prompt and punctual with deliveries, keep fees affordable to the general dentist, communicate with the front and back office effectively, and more. SeaBrook does all the above for us and has for eight plus years. They are simply the best."

—  Dr. Bob Feasel

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