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Simplifying Implant Dentistry

SeaBrook Dental Laboratory is working closely with our doctors to help increase the range of implants they are comfortable restoring. We can assist in case design and preplanning for efficient, predictable, and profitable implant success. We work with every major implant system.


Custom Abutments Offer:

• Patient-specific design with perfect angulation

• Accurate and precise margins

• Ideal emergence profile

• Natural prep shape for dependable crown support

• Your choice of abutment material

• Compatible with all major implant systems (call for more info)


Implant Crowns

Custom Abutments

Cemented Crowns:

Esthetically the crown needs no access hole, making it

more natural in appearance, increased resistance, and

less likely that the porcelain will fracture.

More passive fir when seating due to the cement

layer between the crown and implant.

Screw-Retained Crowns:

Seats quickly and precisely.

Easily removable if the implant ever becomes

worn or damaged.

No cement is used in seating eliminating any

potential complications with excess residual cement.



SCHEDULE: 10 days in lab

NEED A PICK-UP? : CALL 425-776-7718

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