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Learn Why Dentists Are Choosing Ecofit Nightguard

Choose from 4 color choices at no additional charge!

(Blue, Pink, Green, Clear)

ecofit mouthguards.png

All Ecofit Nightguards are made to your patients' occlusal plane specifications on either upper or lower models.


The Eco-fit Nightguard feels soft on the inside, which makes the fit very comfortable. I have been using nightguards for over 25 years and this is by far the best fitting and most comfortable nightguard I have ever owned.


I have two perspectives on the new Eco-fit Nightguard:


  • As a patient I couldn’t be happier with the fit and comfort of the Eco-fit Nightguard. There are MINIMAL adjustments needed to be made if any.

  • As the office manager we are able to confidently offer a holistic option for nightguards to our discerning patients.


Rhonda L. McElroy

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Dental Clinic Supervisor

SCHEDULE: 5 days in lab


CALL 425-776-7718


Seabrook is the Exclusive Distributor of the Eco-fit Nightguard!

The number one choice for doctors and patients who are concerned about the materials that go into the mouth. Eco-fit Nightguard is fabricated from 100% BPA-free and non-allergenic materials. It provides maximum protection for patients who are susceptible from light to heavy bruxism.


Our doctors and patients report an immediate stopping of grinding and clenching which can wear down teeth. Eco-fit is ideal for patients with bite imbalances and/or who are under chronic stress.

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