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SeaBrook is the Exclusive Distributor of the Ecofit Nightguard!

Eco-fit Nightguards are our most economical choice for a nightguard. They are a hard/soft material with a hard outer surface durable for bruxing and clenching and a soft inner layer that rests comfortably against the teeth. Eco-fits are 100% BPA free and non-allergenic. They make the ideal nightguard for patients allergic to acrylics or metals. 

Testimonial for Eco-fit Nightguard


The Eco-fit nightguard feels soft on the inside, which makes the fit very comfortable. I have been using a nightguard for over 25 years and this is by far the best fitting and most comfortable mouthguard I have ever owned.


I have two perspectives on the new Eco-fit nightguard:


  • As a patient I couldn’t be happier with the fit and comfort of the Eco-fit nightguard. There are MINIMAL adjustments that need to be made if any.

  • As the office manager the cost is lower than other nightguard so we are able to pass the savings on to our patients.


Rhonda L. McElroy

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Dental Clinic Supervisor

Color choices for Eco-fit Nightguards are pink, blue, clear, and green

crystalflex logo.jpg

CrystalFlex thermoelastic acrylic nightguards require virtually NO doctor adjustments, and patients love them too. Simply run the appliance under warm water before inserting to get a precise, comfortable fit. Soft retention allows for easy repositioning into lingual undercuts.

Utilized for severe bruxing and clenching with added comfort to the patient. The hard outer layer is durable while the soft inner layer, made from thermoelastic material, rests comfortably against the teeth and gums. Run the appliance under warm water before inserting to get a precise, comfortable fit.

Hard Nightguards are constructed of acrylic in our lab to ensure an accurate fit. They are durable and long lasting and reduce grinding of heavy bruxers.

All nightguards are made to your occlusal plane specifications on upper or lower models.

Add color, sparkles, make them glow in the dark, or even your favorite sports team colors for no additional charge for all CrystalFlex, Eagle, and Hard Nightguards

*colors may vary slightly

Essix/Suck Down Retainer

SeaBrook essix retainers are a great choice for post ortho treatment to maintain teeth positions. They are made from thermoforming disc that are heated and vacuum suctioned to the models. It is then trimmed and the edges are smoothed for a comfortable fit that snaps into place. There is no limit to the number of teeth that can be added to an essix retainer.

Bleaching Trays

Custom made SeaBrook bleaching trays are made from thermoforming discs that consist of a hard copolyester outer layer and a soft polyurethane inner layer measuring at only 1.5mm thick to ensure maximum comfortability and discretion. They are vacuum formed then trimmed and smoothed for a precise fit.

SCHEDULE: 5 days in lab
NEED A PICK-UP? : CALL 425-776-7718

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