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3D Digital Design

Authorized SprintRay Pro 95 Laboratory

SeaBrook 3D Printing

SeaBrook Flex Nightguard (Name Pending)

SeaBrook Flex Nightguard is made from a bio-compatible material that ensure a comfortable, long-lasting, personalized occlusal guard. Balancing flexibility, strength, and longevity, this resin's innovative formulation shortens seating time thanks to its ability to heat-set for maximum comfort.

SeaBrook Printed Surgical Guides

With SeaBrook Digital Surgical Guide you can confidently place implants with this FDA-compliant, biocompatible resin.

SeaBrook Printed Models

Acurately printed models for removable and fixed restorations. Higher flexural strength and modulus strength ensures th model won't break during normal use and prevents the model from distortion. 

SCHEDULE: 8 days in lab
NEED A PICK-UP? : CALL 425-776-7718

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